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Why Choose Luther?


There is a lot to think about when it comes to education.  One of the most important questions parents have is, “What is my child learning?”  

At Luther High, education goes beyond the course work with a singular powerful message throughout each class.  Every day students at Luther High learn that they are valued, empowered, and loved because of what God has done for them.  

Student Testimonials


Luther High School provides a Christ-centered education that encourages and equips students for life and for eternity.


Luther High School desires that its students, mindful of baptismal grace, live the holiness that God gave them in Christ.


Therefore, Luther High School will keep Christ in high school education by:

1.  Faithfully proclaim and apply the Word of God through the teaching of classes, life skills, and activities in accordance with the Lutheran Confessions.
2.  Promote spiritual growth and maturity through the proper use of God’s Law and Gospel.
3.  Encourage and train students to share their faith throughout their lives whether in personal or public ministry.
4.  Instill a desire for knowledge, understanding, and wisdom while taking “every thought captive and making it obedient to Christ.”  2 Corinthians 10:5