Dual Credit Courses

Students looking to take a course(s) that will count for both high school credit and college credit can register for a dual credit course(s). Please note the following:

  • There is an additional cost to take a dual credit course that the student will be solely responsible for paying
  • Enrollment may be limited to certain class levels (e.g. only Juniors & Seniors). Check with the college/university offering the courses.
  • Typically only official "partner" colleges and universities will be allowed for dual credit courses. As of 2018-19 these are our partner colleges:
  • Dual credit course may or may not benefit your college degree
    • If you are planning to attend MLC please check the following document for details on which credits will transfer to your major
  • All courses must be approved by the parent(s), Luther Advisor & Registrar's office. A standard Luther High Drop/Add form may be filled out.
  • Dual credit courses are COLLEGE level courses and as such have a demanding curriculum. Taking a dual credit course in place of a Luther course required for graduation and failing it could jeopardize your ability to graduate.

For more information please contact the Registrar's office or see the info below:


Luther High School will begin offering a dual credit program in the 2016-17 school year. Courses taken will count as both high school and college credit. Although there are several available sources for this credit the primary partner at this time will be Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, MN. Bethany is an Evangelical Lutheran Synod college which is in fellowship with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. Please use the following question/answer FAQ for more detailed information on the program.

  1. Q. Why is Luther High School offering these options for dual credit?
    1. A. Luther has been trying to offer more challenging courses in our curriculum for those students that desire to get a jumpstart on college. Ideally, a student could get enough credits at the high school level to reduce the number of semesters at college. Many college freshmen have several college credits before they begin their first day of classes.
  2. Q. Are these high school courses with college-level credit?
    1. A. No. These are college-level courses that will provide both high school and college credit.
  3. Q. How many study halls can a student have if taking dual credits?
    1. A. Two. This would not change as the dual credit class would be considered an official class at Luther High School
  4. Q. Is there a maximum number of dual credit courses allowed in a semester?
    1. A. No, but it is suggested it is no more than 2. The student’s Advisor will make the appropriate recommendations.
  5. Q. Isn’t Luther High School’s current policy on not allowing students to take a course elsewhere if offered at LHS being violated with dual credits?
    1. A. No. In essence, these courses are Advanced Placement or “AP” college level.
  6. Q. Should all students be encouraged to take dual credits?
    1. A. No. These courses are challenging for two reasons – 1) online courses require strong personal discipline & 2) college-level work.
  7. Q. Will Luther pay for the credits?
    1. A. No. Each student is required to enroll and pay for their courses on their own. Prices for the 2016-17 school year are $75 per credit through the Bethany program. A typical 3 credit course would cost $225 plus books/fees. This is a special rate offered to our high school. In addition, if the student attends Bethany Lutheran College the cost of the course(s) are credited back to their tuition accounts essentially making the classes free! Credits in college are typically $300 per credit or $900 per 3 credit course.
      ** If the student lives in MN they may be eligible for the "Postsecondary option program" which may cover the cost(s)  https://www.blc.edu/post-secondary-enrollment-option or http://education.state.mn.us/MDE/fam/dual/pseo/  Textbooks may also be provided free of charge and shipped to your home.
  8. Q. Will the course appear on the LHS transcript?
    1. A. Yes.
  9. Q. Will the course count toward a student’s GPA?
    1. A. Yes & No. LHS will use it for our own GPA calculations. Colleges may or may not (mostly not) use it for college GPA. You would simply be granted credit without a grade at the college level.
  10. Q. What is the minimum grade required to get college credit?
    1. A. Typically colleges require a minimum grade of a C to receive college credit. Check with your college of choice. Any passing grade will provide high school credit at Luther.
  11. Q. Can I substitute a dual credit course for an LHS required course (e.g. College Writing I & Introduction to Fiction instead of Brit Lit, Music Appreciation, etc.)?
    1. A. Yes. Students in a dual credit class will need to be self-disciplined to succeed with an online college-level course. Advisors will need to make very clear that failing a dual credit course in replacement of a required course could jeopardize their ability to graduate! Check with the Registrar for substitute course requirements. Some classes like Brit Lit will require BOTH College Writing I & Introduction to Fiction as substitutions.
  12. Q. Will this dual credit automatically apply to my college of choice?
    1. A. Possibly. Students will need to verify with their college how the dual credit would apply towards their major/program.
  13. Q. Will a dual credit course be transferable to a college other than MLC, WLC or BLC?
    1. A. Because MLC, WLC, and BLC are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools the credits should transfer (but may not be applicable to your major). Check with your college.
  14. Q. What grade levels are allowed to take these dual credit courses?
    1. A. Any level (Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior or Senior) may take a dual credit course. Please keep in mind the challenging level of work for the college level courses.
  15. Q. Are summer school classes available and will they count the same as school year classes?
    1. A. Yes. Visit Bethany’s website for more information on which courses are offered over the summer https://www.blc.edu/high-school-dual-credit-courses
  16. Q. How are the classes scheduled?
    1. A. You will be scheduled for an online dual credit course just like any other course at Luther. You will be expected to work on the course independently during the assigned class hour. You may meet in the Computer Lab, Study Hall or if circumstances require you may use a Luther High provided Chromebook or bring your own technology approved by the Technology Director.
  17. Q. Can you describe the courses in general?
    1. All courses are college-level courses and will be held to the same objectives and methods of assessment consistent with parallel courses at the college
    2. All courses will be offered in an asynchronous online environment
    3. Course schedules will follow the semester schedule of Bethany Lutheran College, which most likely will NOT coincide with the academic schedule of the partner high school
    4. Upon completion of the course(s), Bethany Lutheran College will provide official college transcripts when requested by the student. A transcript fee may apply.
    5. Ensure college-level rigor in the courses in part by embracing the objectives and methods of assessment consistent with parallel courses in the college
    6. Provide an excellent and supportive online learning experience that provides significant faculty contact
    7. Final grades are reported to the partner high school registrar after completion of the course
  18. Q. What specific course are being offered?
    1. A. Please use the following website for specific course information https://www.blc.edu/high-school-dual-credit-courses
  19. Q. How do I sign up?
    1. A. First, consult with your Advisor at Luther High and your parents. Next, indicate your choice(s) on your course selection sheet for 2016-17. If you’ve already handed that sheet to your Advisor you can either ask them to add it or have your Advisor inform Mrs. Wassermann of the changes/additions to your course requests. Finally, you will need to register for the course(s) at the following link: https://www.blc.edu/high-school-dual-credit-courses