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Academic Assistance

There are several ways Luther High School can assist with a student's educational needs:


Foundations Courses
Foundations level courses are provided for students whose God-given gifts and abilities may prevent them from achieving a satisfactory level of success in a standard course. Current foundations courses include: Foundations of English 12 and Foundations of English 11. In addition to these courses, many other courses can be designated as a foundations level course when needed. This designation is done in consultation with the Registrar, Advisor, parents, instructors and student. Specially designated foundations courses are typically taught in the same classroom at the same time and with the same instructor as the standard course. Foundations courses will earn the same credit as other courses but may have altered assignments and/or grading scales. Student transcripts will indicate completion of this level of study as “Foundations”.
Individualized Instructional Assistance
What is the purpose of the program?
Luther High School provides Christ-centered education for all students in secondary training. The purpose of the Individualized Instructional Assistance Program is to help students to be academically successful with a proactive approach. The program strives for good home/school cooperative effort for the most effective results.
Who is eligible for the program?
Any student may take advantage of the program. However, students referred by their parents or teachers will be given first priority. 
How does the program work?
Students are referred by class academic advisors, teachers or parents to Mrs. Bader,
the program coordinator. The parents and students meet with Mrs. Bader to determine the student’s individual needs. If a student has been tested through a school district or medical facility, Mrs. Bader uses the recommended IEP/ service plan and strives to implement any accommodations that the child may need. The child spends one study hall period a day with Mrs. Bader. The progress of the student is monitored daily.
What can the program do specifically for my child?
The program can:
  • provide a more structured, closely monitored study area.
  • help with organizational skills, i.e. keeping an assignment book current, starting and finishing homework, staying focused and on task.
  • help reinforce good study skills, i.e. taking notes, skimming for answers.
  • reteach some material but the student may be referred back to the teacher for the specifics of the lesson.
  • help review for quizzes and tests.
  • read to/with the student having poor reading skills, comprehension problems, etc.
  • be a liaison between the student and other teachers
  • encourage student to be a self-advocate
  • help foster feelings of self esteem and positive self-image.
  • encourage the student daily
  • make referrals to test for learning disabilities.
  • implements modifications/ accommodations stated on IEP’s or service plans.
The program cannot:
  • reteach every lesson that the student fails to understand.
  • be responsible for “catch up” after illness or other absences resulting in a long list of incomplete assignments.
  • test for learning disabilities.
  • be held solely responsible for the academic success of the student.