Q1. Will students attend school on Wednesday, August 26th, or is it a virtual day?

Q2. When the plan is talking about a 4% or 8% of the student body that are sick, are we talking only about positive Covid tests; or is it counting all absences due to any sickness like strep throat, etc into the percentages?

Q3. Is optional Virtual School projected as a temporary offering for the first few months with a wait and see approach or is it the entire 2020/2021?

Q4. Can a student switch to virtual school if health concerns arise for the parent or students in which in person attendance would no longer be feasible for the family or student.

Q5. If a Student is enrolled in Virtual school may the student revert back  to in school learning ? if so would it involve not being able to return until after the first semester etc.

Q6. If A child attends virtual school what is the procedure? Will it be  a live real time virtual skype type classroom where the student can visually attend the class with the rest of the students and raise their hand with questions or be verbally able to comment along with the students attending in person?

Q7. The mandate states that you are exempt from wearing a mask if you have trouble breathing. Does this hold true when she is in Luther High School?

Q8. Will the microwaves be available for students to use?

 A1. Students will attend school on Wednesday, August 26th, to start the school year. This is the only Wednesday students will attend until we are able to get back to a regular five day a week schedule.

A2. The 4% or 8% will be related to just Covid-19 cases. We have to be careful when we think about these number because it will reflect students who are out for quarantine because they have been exposed to Covid-19 and not the number related to positive tests. We will handle positive Covid-19 tests with the direction of the La Crosse Health Department.

A3. The goal of offering virtual education to our parents is to provide an opportunity for Christian education to families who might not feel comfortable sending their child back to school or for families who have a high risk family member who might be affect by Covid-19. The struggle with this whole situation is predicting when it may end. If families need the virtual option for a month or the first quarter or the first semester, we will provide it.

A4. Families will have the ability to switch to virtual during the school year if the need arises.

A5. We understand family’s desires to send their children back to school when they realize protocols are working and the students are safe. We just ask that transitions be made at the end of our terms which are about every five weeks.

A6. We have bought webcams for each of the classrooms which we will use to allow virtual students to log in at the same time class is taking place. We will also record class so we can post it for students who miss class. We are not sure how interactive our set-up will be. We will see how it all works as we begin the school year.

A7. We will be following guidelines and exemptions of the mask mandate, so students would be able to remove their mask if there are having trouble breathing.

A8. Microwaves will be available to use. We will have signage up be each microwave encouraging users to use some hand sanitizer after using the microwave before they eat. There will be hand sanitizer available at each microwave station.