Luther High School Graduation

Graduation Plans

Students, parents, and other family members are busy making plans in preparation for graduation. 

Various factors such as unseasonable weather, the site of your preferred post-graduation reception being unavailable, the number of guests able to attend exceeds your expectations, or any other number of reasons may cause those plans to change.

While all of those causes for changing plans certainly can and do occur for individual families, various factors can cause graduation plans to change for Luther High.   Such is the case.   There has been such an overwhelmingly positive response to online reserved seating requests for graduation that our plans for graduation have changed.  Our plans will better serve those planning to come to graduation by moving the graduation service to the ACE gymnasium.  

Consequently here are the changed plans for graduation. 

  • Graduation will be in the ACE Gymnasium
  • Each senior will still be able to reserve 6 seats on the main floor.  They will be able to reserve seats after their graduation practice on Wednesday, May 23. 
  • The remaining seats on the main floor and all bleacher seating (other than the section reserved for the choir) will be available on graduation day.
  • With these changes you can disregard the online requests for seating that you may have already made, anticipating that graduation was going to be in the Chapel/Auditorium.  

What a blessing that our anticipated audience for the graduation service is exceeding the seating capacity of the Chapel/Auditorium.  Thank you for your understanding of our plans for graduation.  We look forward to giving thanks to God for Christ-centered education and training at Luther High’s 2:00 PM graduation service on Sunday, May 27 in the ACE gymnasium.  .  

Blessings in Jesus,

Paul Wichmann